Troy Reed Magnetic Motor – Power Your Car And Your Home For Free

troy reed magnetic motor - power your car and your home for free

troy reed magnetic motor - power your car and your home for free

The Troy Reed Magnetic Motor is one of many examples of magnetic motor technology. Troy Reed was one of many enthusiasts who tinkered away to develop his own motor based on zero point technology – this allows for the production of power from magnetism and has shattered the world of conventional physics. In this article, I’ll tell you more about the motor and Reed’s other inventions and how you can use this technology yourself so that you don’t ever have to pay for an electricity bill again.

1994 – Try Reed Announces His Magnetic Motor To The World

Reed demonstrated his motor to the world in 1994. He claimed that it could generate 7 kilowatts of power output which is more than enough for the average household’s needs (3 kilowatts).

In his demonstration video, he shows clearly that no wires are attached to the motor while the demonstration bulb remains lit. This would prove that the bulb was not lit via some other power source but was indeed being powered indefinitely by only the motor itself.

The Surge Car

When Reed announced his magnetic motor to the world, he explained that the 7-kilowatt output was sufficient to also power a regular automobile. He teamed up with Hollywood actor and environmentalist, Dennis Weaver, with a plan to showcase this to the world.

The Surge Car was capable of speeds of up to 85 miles per hour. Various videos of it can be found on the internet, with the motor fitting neatly into the engine compartment. Unfortunately, the project never gained any real traction.

How Does Reed’s Magnetic Motor Work?

Nobody knows 100% precisely the design of Reed’s motor. However, it is no secret that it is based on magnetic motor/zero point technology. Reed is not the first person to have produced working models of this technology and he was also not that last.

Zero point physics says that the forces due to magnetism can be converted into energy. This is unlike conventional ideas on power generation which usually require depletion of fuels.

Most magnetic motors require a kick-start of energy to get them going. After this, the system is in a state of equilibrium – the frictional forces from the bearings and air resistance that normally slow a motor down are instead balanced out by the repelling force of the magnets.

How To Make Your Own Troy Reed Magnetic Motor

Unfortunately, commercial devices are at least five years away. But the good news is that you can make your own device at home.

Reed’s motor, like many others, is unnecessarily over-complicated. Instead of trying to copy his design, you will be much better off with a simpler version that will run reliably and with little maintenance.

If you want to make your own 7-kilowatt idea then a better idea is to investing a small amount (around $50) on a good set of working, proven and reliable plans. These will allow you to get up and running in a few days compared to the more usual months and years that pioneers such as Reed and others have spent in trying to come up with a working solution.

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Above Ground Pools – Repair All Metal Side Wall Problems

above ground pools - repair all metal side wall problems

above ground pools - repair all metal side wall problems

This page will explain to you all kinds of steel side wall repairs, here are just a few: side wall rusted around the skimmer or return jet, rusted to the point of rupture, and actual rupture of wall.

OK, let’s get started, we’ll start with the most common of all side wall problems and that will be rusted around the skimmer and return jet. First thing to do is drain the pool to about six inches below the skimmer or return jet, while the pool is being drained, take off the top rails above and on both sides of the skimmer, you might have to take two sections off on either side of the skimmer or return jet. Once that is done, take off the coping (plastic piece holding the liner in place). By this time the pool should be drained enough to take the skimmer or return jet off the side wall. (All references to the skimmer, return jet and holes in the side wall, will be referred to as skimmer)

Now, that’s all done, gently pull the liner up and over the side wall and expose the rusted or damaged skimmer hole. Next you determine how much you have to cut out to get rid of the rust, example, let’s say you determine that you are going to need to cut a hole 12 X 12 inches then you will need a piece of galvanized metal 24 X 24 inches to cover the 12 X 12 hole. The galvanized metal should be at least the same thickness or the next size up. If your not sure take a piece of the wall you cut out, for sizing.

OK! You got the galvanized metal and your ready to put it in place so all you have to do is cut the hole for the skimmer, you can use the skimmer as a template to cut the hole. Your next step is to position the replacement piece so that your skimmer hole is level, the easiest way to do this is measure from the top of the side wall to the replacement on both sides the measurement should be the same. Then use some duct tape to hold it in place. A little trick to keep all those metal filings from going between the wall and liner is to put an earth magnet on the drill bit while drilling and use a medium speed on your drill and the magnet will not fall off. Once in place you can get your drill and rivets ready, the size of rivets you should use is anything from 3/16 to 1/4 inch, get a big box because you will be spacing them 1 inch apart.

Let’s get on with the drilling layout, with a tape measure make a line 1 inch in from all edges and a second line 3 inches in, now on the one inch line put a hole in each of the corners, next from each corner hole you measure 1 inch both horizontally and vertically. Now from here we measure three inches from each corner hole and drill another hole, but before we drill anymore holes we want to put in a couple rivets to hold the replacement in place solidly. As you noticed the holes are two inches apart continue from each corner until you reach the center.

Now for the three inch line we put a hole in the corner and one hole in each direction two inches from the corner hole if you have done it right it should be in between two rivets on the one inch line so that all the rivets are staggered. Once you have all the rivets in place you can drill the holes for the skimmer. The final step is to duct tape all the metal edges so their is nothing sharp to pierce the liner when put back in place. Now all that is left to do, is to put everything back together the way it came apart.

This concludes the instruction for repairing the rust around the pool skimmer and the return jet and any hole in the side wall, for instruction on how to replace a whole section please read on.

Heaven forbid, you actually have had a blow out, if your liner got ruined then it is an easy task to take it out and repair the section before putting in a new liner, if you were lucky and your liner just got stretched a bit then things get a bit trickier. If you were really lucky you probably noticed a soft spot in the wall and checked it out and realized it was going to need repair soon. If any of these scenarios fits your problem then the remedy is at hand. Read on.

First, you will have to take about half the pools top rails off. Of course if you are replacing the liner than they all have to come off. Next remove the coping and lift the liner over the side wall. Now depending on the size of the hole, you will need an extra two feet of galvanized metal the same size in height as the existing metal. Cut out the rusted piece and put in your new piece. Now from the end of the new sheet of metal measure in three inches and score a line from top to bottom on both ends, and a similar line nine inches in from the ends.

Also, make sure your lines don’t line up with one of your upright supports, if they do slide your panel one way or the other so that they don’t line up, OK, starting from the top measure down one inch on the three inch line and two inches down on the nine inch line and mark a drill hole, and you continue on both lines two inches apart till you reach the bottom. Drill three or four holes, then put in some rivets from the inside out, you want the flat part on the inside of the pool, and then continue drilling. When you have finished with the rivets put some duct tape on them and on the edge of the metal and put your Pool back together again. I hope these instructions helped you get more years of pleasure out of your pool.

If you have any questions please submit them at Above Ground Pools and Decks

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New SnapStone Glazed Porcelain Floor Tile Review

new snapstone glazed porcelain floor tile review

new snapstone glazed porcelain floor tile review

If you are thinking about use the new SnapStone Porcelain Floor Tile that is out now, you will want to take the time to read this. I decided to use this tile in my bathroom in a very old house. The results that I got with this tile were much better then I expected that it would be.

When the floor of my old bathroom got so bad that I could no longer take the pain of looking at it, I decides that it was past time to do something new. The problem was that I live in a very old house that was severely neglected for many years and even the piping froze one winter, causing water damage to the floors of the house. The bathroom floor was just covered with cheap stick down linoleum tile that no longer was being held in place by anything other then the weight of the tile. If you had sticky wet feet the tile would stick to your feet and come up as you walked on it. Something definitely had to be done.

As I was looking through the local big box store, I notice the SnapStone porcelain tile. It looked like just the thing that was needed for my situation. I did some research and found no major problems from people. I talked to the salesman in the store and of course they recommended the product highly. So, I decided to take the plunge and purchase the tile. The price of the tile was on the upper end of the scale, but not have to totally rip up the floor and redo the subfloor was going to offset that cost. The flexible grout that is to be used with this tile also was high priced, but if the floor was going to flex, then the grout had better flex too. The other great attraction to this tile system was that I figured that I could start the project and finish it in one night. The bathroom was only about 40 sq. ft. of floor, so it was a small project.

I started the floor in the evening on a Friday night after everyone had their showers. The cutting of the tile went well with my 4″ battery angle grinder and a 4″ diamond cut wheel. The backer on the tile allowed for the imperfections in the existing floor. Snapping the tiles together, took some hammering with my rubber mallet, and the last tiles I forced together using a small pry bar, hooking the bar over the end of the tile and pulling it forcefully in place. I had some problems with the whole floor assembly moving around, being that the bathroom was so small and the tile floats, allowing it to move as the tiles were snapped together. Constant checking was required to make sure the floor was staying where it was supposed to be.

The tile part went real well and a few hours later I was mixing the grout and grouting the seams. The SnapStone system worked great at holding the gaps for the grout joints. The special grout worked well and went in easily. The main thing to watch is that the grout will settle in the joint and refilling of the joint is usually necessary, as the grout settles. The tile washed easily and after the 24 hour time period required, you could walk on it. I did restrict the traffic for a couple more days, to make sure that the grout setup well before heavy traffic was allowed on the floor.

Overall, I have been very satisfied with the product and the way the floor has turned out. The base was very bad and the floor still seems to be holding up well. I you have a problem floor, or are just looking for an easy way to lay a porcelain tile floor, then I would recommend this product.

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To Make Money From Woodworking in Your Own Garage is Easier Than You Think

to make money from woodworking in your own garage is easier than you think

to make money from woodworking in your own garage is easier than you think

Making money from woodworking at home is possible if you are systematic about it. Wooden decor and accessories are found in all homes. Most of these products are hand-made and hand-painted. And most of them are manufactured at factories that hire skilled wood workers. If you are yourself one such skilled craftsman, you could make money on your abilities at home. But before starting to do this, you should do appropriate and complete research first.

The first thing you need to make money from woodwork is to have definite information about what types of handcrafted wooden items are most sell-able. There are hundreds of internet sites where you can see catalogs of hand-made wooden containers, décor, tools and kitchen ware. Even from just pictures of the products, as a skilled craftsmen yourself, you should be able to identify special techniques used in making those products. For making money on wood crafts, your research should reveal what and the how of popular wooden hand-made products.

To make money on wood craft, you have to pay attention to the prices those retailers and/or wholesalers tag their products at. This information is important for you to be able to be competitive when you do start creating your wooden implements and accessories. Remember you should be making money at a lower price because you have less overhead expenses in manufacturing them. You won’t be paying salaries or renting someone else’s space for doing your woodwork.

While the internet is a good source for all the information above, you should also keep an open eye for products that are offered in craft fairs. Most of these products are small items meant to be propped up on a table or hung on a wall. These are precisely the items that you should make money on; things that can be done quickly and well enough to guarantee that you can sell enough in a day for your basic needs plus a little more.

When you already have a pretty good picture of the state of the wood craft industry in your place, you should decide, depending on your capabilities, on what type of woodwork you should be making money on. In this regard it may be advisable to list down all the wood crafting skills you have and rate them according to how well and how quickly you can produce the corresponding items.

With that done you should start out making the first samples of your work. After you have finished with the initial batch, you could put up a garage sale in your house featuring the items that you yourself crafted. Alternatively, you could attend a craft fair. Print out calling cards and give them out at these fairs.

Besides the line of items you want to specialize in, you should expect to make money from requests of other people to do this and do that for them. But above all, make sure of consistent quality in your wares; leave little if anything to be desired. Lastly, your prices should be competitive for you to be making money continuously.

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How To Deter Birds From Making Nests In Your Awnings

how to deter birds from making nests in your awnings

how to deter birds from making nests in your awnings

Whilst you might be an animal lover and don’t have a problem with birds making themselves at home in your awnings, you must keep in mind that this can cause a number of problems. Their droppings are very corrosive and are known to carry disease; they can become aggressive in protecting their nests; and nests can even cause the covering to collapse under their weight.

  • Attach ‘bird spikes’ to the awning in a bid to prevent birds from landing on its surface. The spikes are actually pointed pieces of metal that make landing difficult.
  • You can even apply a nondrying, sticky repellent to the surface of the covering. A non-toxic substance, the tacky nature of the repellent will irritate the birds and encourage them to stay away.
  • Attach a ‘scare device’ to the awning, such as rubber snakes, plastic owls and even balloons. Make sure that the rotate the device’s position to trick the birds into thinking that they are real.
  • Place a motion-activated sprinkler close by to the covering. The sprinkler will release a burst of water when it detects a bird getting too close, which should scare them away.

As you can see, you have a choice between both obvious and hidden ways of preventing birds from making nests in your awnings. Most of the bird deterrents outlined above will be available at your local garden centres or in your hardware stores; if you are having trouble finding them, ask a sales assistant to show you where they are kept.

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The Ultimate Animal Skin Rug – The Cowhide Rug

the ultimate animal skin rug - the cowhide rug

the ultimate animal skin rug - the cowhide rug

There are several color combinations that can be used to complement the different colors in carpets, wood flooring or in floor tiles. The rugs are versatile, durable and also hypoallergenic, which is a crucial factor for controlling health hazards.

Natural Beauty

The natural beauty of a cowhide rug is an important quality because the appearance of the cowhide has not been dramatically enhanced with complicated procedures. The colors, such as browns, blacks and whites, are emotionally soothing and can be used to create a tranquil atmosphere. The texture is soft and will not irritate the soles of feet. The natural colors of a cowhide rug can be used to counterbalance bright colors and will easily blend with the decor in a den or living room.


The rugs can be used to soften the atmosphere in a room or to increase the degree of diversity of the items in a room such as in a somber, oak-paneled room or in a room that has mirrored walls. The theme for the decor could be casual or classic. The rugs are compatible with various styles of furniture, such as antique or modern, and can be used on carpets, tiles and on wood flooring.


The durability factor for a cowhide rug is reduced by the soft texture of the cowhide. The rugs are very durable and can be used for several years, but special precautions should be used to avoid damaging the rugs with a sharp object such as with a chair leg or with the sharp edge of a metal cabinet. The level of foot traffic will affect the durability because the heels and soles on shoes can cause serious problems. Spiked heels and boot heels could cut into the rugs.


Many individuals who suffer from allergies must carefully choose products that will not cause problems such as allergic reactions from wool or from spandex. Friends and family members may have problems from rashes that had been caused by wool rugs or by the nylon in carpet fibers. Those situations can be avoided with practical choices for rugs, carpets and for furniture. Cowhide rugs are hypoallergenic, which is a bonus for homeowners who carefully try to control allergic reactions.

Soft Texture

The soft texture of a cowhide rug is an important quality for homeowners who want to be surrounded by a plush environment. When most homeowners envision the ideal home environment, the words “softness” and “comfort” are the standard terms for the description. The environment in a home should be a sanctuary from emotional stress. The soft texture of a cowhide rug is enticing and can be used to enhance the comfort factor for the ambience in a room.

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The Importance Of Residential Structural Engineering Services

the importance of residential structural engineering services

the importance of residential structural engineering services

In this article, there are some information about this service and its benefit for the home owner.

1. Do the analysis of building structure

The inspections of the residential buildings are usually performed through good services that also provide the whole structural analysis. This service company usually works together with the contractors or architects to analyse the structure of the building. The stability of the design can be analysed by using CAD (Computer Aided Design) software. This software can help people to draft the blueprints of the building. It is also effective to create three dimensional models of the building structures. Most residential structural engineering services usually use their engineering expertise to work with the architects or contractors to analyse the structure of the residential houses.

2. Restore old buildings

Another service offered by these companies is restoring the old residential buildings. The structural engineering service companies usually include the expert analysis of the condition of the buildings. They are usually used when people want to restore or repair their old homes. These companies usually decide the best solution for repairing the steel, wood, concrete, or any other structural elements. Most of these companies also offer consulting services that are available to help clients, such as property managers, home owners, architects, or contractors to complete the restoration projects. This service usually includes the expert advice or assistance regarding design concept, project management, and complete documentations.

3. Design a new house

Many people need the residential structural engineering services for designing their new houses. A new house needs a good design before the contractors or architects start designing the new buildings. The structural engineering service is usually needed in order to make sure that the structure of a house is strong enough. It also makes sure that the property structure is properly calculated. This is important to avoid any structural problems in the future. That is the reason why people use these services when they want to build new house buildings.

Those are some benefits of the residential structural engineering services. Many people use this service to assist them in building, restoring, or repairing their property. This service is preferable because it offers many great services and expert advices that can help people to design a strong structure for their home buildings. There are many different services available in the market. It is important to choose the best one by looking at some reviews available on the Internet before choosing a structural engineering service. Make sure that the company has a good reputation as the best structural engineering service company.

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How to Hang a Window Box

how to hang a window box

how to hang a window box

Hanging a window box to your home is often a difficult task, especially if it is to be directly mounted to the exterior wall. There are several questions you must ask yourself when embarking upon this quest: How much weight needs to be supported? What type of material is the box? What kind of surface is the window box mounting to? What kind of brackets or other supports are available? These are just some of the many questions that need to be answered in order to successfully hang your window box.

Wood and PVC window boxes are generally heavy duty and meant to be able to hold a lot of dirt and support a lot more weight than vinyl. Vinyl is generally not recommended for direct mounting to the house due to the thinness of the material, its susceptibility to cracking, and its lack of structural support. These light duty boxes usually sit atop specialized metal L-brackets that can be directly screwed into the exterior wall.

A heavy duty window box is often mounted one of two ways:

(1) brackets are installed to the home and then the box is secured separately to the brackets or (2) the window box is bolted directly to the home through the back face of the box.

If brackets are used, they are generally functional, although sometimes faux brackets are available that lend no mounting support at all. To mount brackets you will need to begin by measuring the height of the box and offsetting the brackets by that distance beneath the window sill. Next, you will need to measure equal horizontal spacing from the center of the window sill to each side for bracket placement. If the box is longer than 48″, three or more brackets are generally recommended. To hang a window box on siding or stucco, you will want to find the studs and anchor the brackets at those points for the most support. The stud is best found inside the house and under the window with a stud finder. Screw the bracket through the siding with four 4″ thick gauge screws, two at the top and two at the bottom.

To hang a window box on brick, you will need to repeat what was done for stucco. However, unlike stucco, you will need a special “hammer drill” to drill into hard brick. Begin by pre-drilling a 1/4″ hole and then place a 1/4″ drywall anchor in the hole. Screw through the bracket and into the anchor and the bracket will be securely fixed to the wall.

Once the brackets are secure to the wall the window box can then be placed on top and be centered with respect to the window. Finally, drill through the bottom face of the box and directly into the support brackets until secured. It is generally recommended that your window box overhang the width of your window by 1-3″ on each side for aesthetics and to avoid looking disproportional.

If you wish to mount to the home without the use of functional brackets, the steps are very similar. Begin by pre-drilling a hole every 18″ in the back face of the box, preferably near the vertical center. Hold the box up to the window in the appropriate position and mark on the house with a pencil through the pre-drilled holes. Remove the box and then drill 5/8″ holes where you have marked. Place a 5/8″ lead anchor shield into the hole. Hold the box up over the lag shields and screw 3/8″ lag bolts with washers into the anchors until secured. This is the most heavy duty way to install a window box and circumvents bracket failure due to rotting over time. It is not recommended, however to install wooden window boxes this way, because the back of a wooden window box is usually the first part to rot out. This method works well with PVC window boxes made from solid material since they never rot.

Well, now you’re ready to hang a window box. If you haven’t already bought one, now you’ll have all the confidence you need to add value and curb appeal to your home for years to come. Hanging a window box is a fun and empowering task that will allow you to enjoy your window flower boxes that much more.

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What Are Panchaloha Idols and How Are They Manufactured?

what are panchaloha idols and how are they manufactured?

what are panchaloha idols and how are they manufactured?

As one of the oldest religions in the world, Hinduism carries a broad set of traditions, rituals and worship. Hinduism in the real sense is a way of righteous living and professes the unity of worship and the concept of a formless divine. But these are abstract concepts for many and the best way to help relate is through images. Over time, this was how the concept of various ‘Gods’ and ‘idol worship’ was developed, giving the free choice of worship ultimately to the individual. In this regard, Panchaloha idols play a key role in this regard.

Silpa Shastra is an ancient Hindu text dealing with arts and crafts and contains various design rules and standards. All idols whether stone or of metal have to be sculpted and manufactured according to these rules and prescribed rituals have to be followed both during manufacture and installation in order to obtain the correct benefits. Panchaloha idols are traditional idols of Gods fashioned from an alloy of 5 metals (silver, gold, copper, zinc and iron). The percentages in which these metals are used in the alloy varies between different regions in India.

The idol manufacturing process involves 2 steps. The first is the construction of the mould and the second is the actual creation of the idol. Initially, an image of the deity is created in wax with all the details. This wax is prepared by mixing paraffin wax, resin from the tree Damara Orientalis, and ground nut oil. Since wax produced by this method is quite hard, softer bee’s wax of high purity is mixed to make it easier to bring to life finer details.

To create a mould, the wax model is covered in layers of fresh clay and soil and then allowed to dry. Once the clay dries, it is heated to melt the wax and create a hollow mould. The melted Panchaloha metal alloy is then poured slowly into this mould to allow air bubbles to escape. This is then allowed to cool and solidify into the idol or deity. The cooling period varied between a few hours to a few days depending on the size of the statue and is judged based on experience. Finally, the craftsmen break the clay mold starting from the head of the statue to get the preliminary image. This image is then worked on to produce the final product.

The process has remained the same since the time of ancient dynasties like the Chera and the Chola and it is heartening to note that the art continues to thrive in various corners of India even today.

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Architecture Firms Design Floor Plans

architecture firms design floor plans

architecture firms design floor plans

There are a number of reasons to hire a professional architect. For people that are looking at building a custom home, the floor plans that are drafted by architectural firms offer the flexibility to add exactly what a person wants in their ideal living quarters. Whether it is a dedicated home theater room complete with tiered seating or an oversized whirlpool tub for a spacious and elegant master bathroom, people that want their home to be perfect often call on Tuscan architecture firms to provide the designs that fit their Southern Arizona lifestyle.

But it is not just customized plans for executive homes that bring people. Businesses that are looking for complete construction plan also use the firms to make certain that every detail has been taken into account. For the large scale buildings that require HVAC, electrical, mechanical and plumbing work the architects are responsible for creating a series of schematics that layout the pathways for conduits to carry pipe and wiring between floors. By understanding each of the vital systems and components of a floor plan and working up scale drawings of the final plans, The firms can present their specifications to the corporations that need to approve the plans before construction can begin.

After designing each of the technical schematics and overlaying them with the blueprints for a building the Tuscan architecture firms can also provide onsite construction management to make sure that permits and schedules are met. With the turnkey solutions that are provided to private citizens and corporations throughout Southern Arizona the architecture firms are making an impact on the skyline of Tuscan and Phoenix.

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