Planning a Graduation Dinner Party – Food, Budget, Guests, and More!

planning a graduation dinner party - food, budget, guests, and more!

planning a graduation dinner party - food, budget, guests, and more!

When thinking about a graduation dinner party, be it high school or college, the first order of business is… what kind of party do you want to throw? Day or night, big or small, at home or in a special location – all of these options are lying in front of you and can make the idea of planning seem daunting.

The good news is that your budget will help answer some questions, the graduate’s tastes will answer others, and the age of the individuals attending the event often fills out the rest. All that’s left is to come up with some ideas for graduation party food that your graduate will love!

The Date and Time

For example, a high school graduation dinner party is best held during the day or early evening since some guests may not drive yet, and younger guests may have curfews. This age group tends to be “on the go” so having your event outdoors or in a space where there’s plenty of room for socialization aids the success of the party greatly.

The Budget

Contrary to what you might think, a graduation party won’t require a second mortgage to fund– especially if you plan ahead. Give yourself plenty of time to look for bargains and see if you can get a few other families to pitch in. If they have children graduation, a co-op party can be really fun and saves everyone’s bottom line from the red zone.

Graduation Party Food Planning

Socialization also gives you a hint about food: nothing complicated. Try making some flat bread roll ups with various meat and cheese combinations, have miniature hot dogs, pizza and wings, and similar items that can move with your guests. And don’t forget the munchies!

Making food yourself is one HUGE cost savings. While buying pre-prepared platters takes some pressure off you time-wise, the price tag is much higher than what it would be if you assembled what you want yourself. The additional benefit to making your own appetizers, snacks, etc. is that you can plan the selection around your graduate’s favorite flavors.

The Guest List: Get the Graduate Involved!

Don’t just assume that you know who should be invited to this event. The social demographics of a graduation dinner party can be a little tricky. So ask your graduate who they would like present (within reason – they have to give you names that fit the size of the party you’re hosting).

Rounding it Out – Music and Decorations

A CD player with good speakers and a nice variety of music will do just fine for an informal graduation dinner party. Some people like to hire a DJ to run the music, but if you’re lucky one of the graduate’s friends will enjoy this task (and know their musical tastes besides).

For decorations, put up images of the graduate at various ages (yes, you finally get to take out that embarrassing one you’ve been saving for just such an occasion). Or do a search online– there are lots of great places on the net to buy cheap graduation party decorations (balloons, gag decorations, black tableware, paper grad caps, etc.) for cheap.

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Selling Your Candles – Operating a Successful Market Stall

selling your candles - operating a successful market stall

selling your candles - operating a successful market stall

The Market Scene

One of the best places to attract customers to your business is markets. Markets are found in all suburbs and regional areas of Australia, so there should be no problem in finding one that suits you.

Remember, markets are hard work. There are no shortcuts to running a successful market stall. There are early starts and long days, but done correctly you can be very successful.

Having been both a stall holder and a Market Manager of 3 markets I have seen both the good and bad of stalls. How your display looks at the market can make the difference between going home with much less stock and money in your pocket or going home miserable.

Here are some tips on running a successful market stall. The most important thing to realize is that you have plenty of competition and they are not only other candle makers. Anyone who is vying for a customers’ money, is your competition. So what can you do?

Here are some ideas on how to get their attention.

1/ Have your signage professionally done. Hand written signs don’t look professional. If you want to save money, print them yourself on your home printer and laminate them.

2/ It’s not hard to make your stand attractive with so many candles. You have the colors, the jars, the fragrances. Everything you need to make it appealing. If you are able to make a good first impression, then customers will always remember you. Remember most customers choose the candle they want by the fragrance.

3/ Make sure you have the right attitude. No one wants to approach a person who is hiding behind their newspaper or looks absolutely miserable. Customers go to a market because they see it as a day out, to enjoy themselves.

4/ Keep your stall tidy. Keep all boxes and packaging out of site.

5/ Try not to eat or drink at your stall. I know everyone gets hungry, but have the courtesy to at least stop eating. Stall holders are generally very obliging people, so most would be happy to look after your stall for a few minutes to give you a break. Remember, that it is your stall not theirs so have the courtesy of not being be too long. If they get a customer at their own stall whose do your think will take preference?

6/ Be aware of your customers. Don’t ignore them. If you are already in discussions with one customer, then acknowledge other customers by telling them you will be with them in a minute. Ignoring them is a great way to lose customers.

The person who may buy is the person listening rather than the one you were directly talking to.

7/ If you have a uniform or T-shirt that has your logo, wear it. It shows that you are proud of your business and you are instantly identifiable and it’s a great way to promote your business.

8/ Some customers are reluctant to approach you if you seem too aggressive. It’s a good idea to try your approach on family and friends first to see what they think.

9/ If they are reluctant to talk, offer them your brochure or business card. Let them know how to contact you and how to place an order. Allow them time to browse through your information and let them know that you are available to answer any questions they have.

10/ It seems silly to have to say this, but be friendly and make them feel welcome. Wearing a name tag makes a big difference. It makes a customers feel more at ease if they know who they are dealing with. Once a customer either makes a purchase or seems interested enough ask them if they would like to be added to your data base. Make sure that there is some benefit to this, such as special offers and discounts.

11/ Make sure that you can answer any questions.

12/ Follow through if you get inquiries. If customers give you their email address, make the most of it. Keep in touch with your customers. Send them a postcard!

13/ Presentation is so important to a successful money making business. Whether you are doing a market, a candle making demonstration, a class or a corporate presentation, wedding fair, or an exhibition, you should invest in the correct presentation materials.

Markets can be a great start to any business, so take the time to do your research and make the most of your opportunities.

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Distinctions Between the Following Brands of Lighting – Progress Lighting, Hinkley Lighting, Kichler

distinctions between the following brands of lighting - progress lighting, hinkley lighting, kichler

distinctions between the following brands of lighting - progress lighting, hinkley lighting, kichler

Progress Lighting is the first preference of advance people. No other lighting brand could give decorative lighting products in the market like Progress Lighting. The name “Progress Lighting “is given to Progress Lighting only due to its progressive activity for introducing the most decorative products in the market. Progress Lighting products are not limited to a single type of decorative product.

Step lights, outdoor lights, landscape, Hall and Foyer lights, wall bracket, tracks lights, flex track system lights and many more decorative lights have been introduced in the market by Progress lighting which helps you to decorate each and every part of your house. Choose specific Progress Lighting product for the specific part of the home e.g. for hall and foyer, you should choose only hall and foyer products.

Your search for best and well experienced lighting companies will end with the name of “Hinckley Lighting” as it comes naturally in our mind. Hinkley Lighting has been giving the lighting products since last 85 years. One can conclude about the firmness of Hinkley Lighting products from their experience of giving lighting products in the market. Hinkley Lighting products make your rooms bright and one can easily perform his task within the Hinkley Lighting product. The basic target of Hinkley Lighting Company during making their products is to make such products which may bright a place more and more with the use of very small amount of electricity but they take care of decorating their bright products too.

People prefer to buy Hinkley lighting products mostly due to their lighting in the rooms instead of their decoration. If you have any lighting product in your house and you feel that that light does not bright your specific place enough, you should fix Hinkley Lighting product there.

Kichler lighting products are known in the market for their high quality and expensive prices. If Kichler gives high quality products, it suggests high prices for its product. It is considered that the Kichler designers are the most hard working designers of the world and they burn mid – night – oil to give high quality products in the market. Kichler lighting products are sold like hot cakes in the market due to their high quality. People pay high prices of this company product because they do not have to disappoint after paying high prices but feel happy when their products bright their room and no problem takes place when these products are used for long time.

People like to use Kichlet lighting fixture products to make their homes different and unique from others about brightening the house. Products like Willowmore 3 light bath, westwood floor lamp, four lights Oxford brass floor lamp, Olympia group lighting and many more kitchen products are the most favorite products of people by this company.

The three companies which are well known about the lighting products are Progress Lighting, Hinkley Lighting and Kichler Lighting and have different features from each other about their products.

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Top 10 Western Themed Party Food Ideas

top 10 western themed party food ideas

top 10 western themed party food ideas

Are you hosting a western party and in search of some ideas for easy western party food? Then look no further! Below are some tasty, easy ideas for western themed party food for your upcoming event. Whether you are hosting a denim and diamonds affair or a low-key back yard barbeque, country and western foods are a sure crowd pleaser. Most of these recipes can be made a few days ahead of time to make your western party food planning a cinch!

Top 10 Western Themed Party Food Ideas:

1. BBQ Baby Back Ribs

No western party menu is complete without some great ribs. You can either slow cook these on a very low temperature (275 degrees) for about 4 hours on your grill or in your oven. Use a dry rub and finish with you favorite BBQ sauce for finger licking good western party food!

2. Home-Style Macaroni and Cheese

This mac-n-cheese isn’t just for kids and doesn’t come in the blue box! This is hearty, comfort food that is a crowd pleasure for guests of all ages! Use a generous amount of sharp cheddar and top with some fresh white bread crumbs and a drizzled of melted butter before baking. Country and western foods don’t get much tastier than this!

3. Country Fried Chicken

This is a classic western themed party food menu item and is perfect for guests who like to mingle while they munch. Use strips of white chicken breasts and I love the tasty buttermilk breading recipe in The Pioneer Woman Cooks by Ree Drummond cookbook!.

4. Fancy Baked Beans

Baked beans don’t need to come from a can. Jazz up you own homemade baked bean recipe by using different kinds of beans (navy, lima and kidney) mixed with dark brown sugar, bacon and onions. This makes a wonderful, hearty western party food side dish.

5. Grilled Corn on the Cob

Corn on the Cob is a definite for any country and western food menu. Brush peeled corn with a good grilling sauce like Wegman’s Basting Oil and grill for a few minutes until desired tenderness.

6. Grilled Steaks

Western themed party food has to include beef! Tender grilled steaks or London broil is a super-easy way to satisfy your guest. Sprinkle the meat with garlic seasoned sea salt or marinade it in your favorite marinade 3 hours prior to grilling. Simple, easy and delicious!

7. Cornbread and/or Garlic Butter Biscuits

Western themed food is not for the carb conscious but cornbread and biscuits will be irresistible to your guests. Place baskets lined with red and white napkins on tables around your party with some honey butter, and watch these hearty appetizers disappear fast!

8. Chicken and Cheese Quesadillas

A fast and easy country and western party food include these super easy chicken and cheese quesadillas. Use burrito sized tortillas. You can use Perdue Shortcuts shredded into smaller pieces to make your job easier, mix equal parts of salsa and sour cream and add your favorite grated cheddar cheese. Grill in a grill pan or frying pan over medium heat until cheese is melted. Cut into thirds and serve with guacamole, salsa or your other favorite Mexican condiment. TIP: Quesadillas are easier to flip if you use one tortilla folded in half for each quesadilla.

9. Beverages with a Western Twist

You can’t go wrong with popular beer and wine, but if you want a true western themed party food menu, use special attention to your beverages by offering margaritas! Mason jars are a great added touch for serving beverages of all kinds.

10. Chili

This may be the easiest of all country and western party foods and can be used as a main course or an appetizer. Use your crock pot to make ahead and to keep warm during the duration of your party. If you are serving hot dogs, this makes a great condiment for the chili dog lovers at your party. Don’t forget the shredded cheddar cheese for serving on top.

Don’t Forget Dessert!

Western party food doesn’t have to end with the main course – your desserts can be western themed too. Choose a western style cake such as a horseshoe or cowboy boot, and wow your guests with your sweet ending! Another dessert option is to fill western themed glasses with an individual dessert like chocolate mousse, pudding or ice cream.

Use your imagination and think Western when planning your western themed party food menu. Accent your menu with western styles table ware and drink ware to accentuate your western theme. Country and western party food can be delicious AND easy, so no need to stress over your menu. Western party food typically appeals to all ages and personal tastes so your guest are sure to find a thing or two on your menu to please their palettes.

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The Economics of Renovating Down Comforters, Pillows, Featherbeds and Down Toppers

the economics of renovating down comforters, pillows, featherbeds and down toppers

the economics of renovating down comforters, pillows, featherbeds and down toppers

Spring is almost here and time to start planning your spring cleaning. Your down bedding may not come to mind, but it is very important to give it proper care if you want it to remain beautiful and more importantly work efficiently.

You may have been wondering if it is really worth it to renovate your favorite down comforter, pillow, featherbed or down topper. There are a few things to consider, most importantly what your initial investment is, and if there is any sentimental value attached (handed down from your grandmother).

Renovation is definitely worth it if you have a high quality down product, which means high thread count down proof ticking and high lofting down. With proper care they will remain beautiful and keep you toasty warm in winter. That means cleaning comforters every 5 years, renovating after 10 years. For down pillows renovate every 3 or 4 years (even with protectors natural hair oil stains the down proof ticking). Featherbeds and toppers should be renovated every 7 – 10 years. Renovation is also an opportunity to upgrade to a larger size (or even change to a smaller size), get a more down proof (leak proof) casing or add new filling to boost up the old filling and bring the down back to its former glory.

Keep in mind if your downs are from Europe they are definitely a very high quality in both the ticking and the filling. Even if you purchased in the USA 20 or more years ago, they are likely a much higher quality than much of what is in the market today.

If you have purchased a down product at a very low price for example same price all sizes, it does not pay to renovate. Better to buy new and this time upgrade so you do not have to keep replacing. It feels good to recycle.

Using the proper protectors goes a long way to eliminating unnecessary cleaning and renovation. Always choose a professional for cleaning and renovation to protect your precious downs.

In between the professional care you can air out down comforters on a clothes line on a dry warm day or put in a low heat dryer for 20 mins. For pillows put these in the low heat dryer occasionally to re-fluff. Featherbeds and down toppers can be hung over a chair near an open window unless you are able to get them outside on a table. It just refreshes and re-fluffs them beautifully.

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How Window Treatments Influence Feng Shui

how window treatments influence feng shui

how window treatments influence feng shui

Windows can let chi or good energy in or block it depending on the window coverings. If you have a nice view, you will want to let the chi in, but if your window looks out on to a busy street, with cars driving almost right up to the widow before they make a turn, then you will want to bring out the big guns of feng shui and block that negative chi, also known as sha chi. Here are the most common kinds of window coverings and how they influence the feng shui of a room.


The difference between curtains and drapes is that curtains can not close all the way. Curtains are a good choice where you do want to let in some light, but do not need to block the view. If you do want to block the view out the bottom half of the widow, use a bistro curtain to hang down from the bottom half of the window. This is especially good when you have a nice view in the distance, but do not want to look into your neighbor’s cluttered yard.


Drapes are good for bedrooms — the soft yin energy of drapes makes for good relaxing sleep. Drapes are also helpful in terms of feng shui if a window is near, behind or right across from your bed. In the situation of the close window, or the window behind your head, the chi is too active and can make you restless and unable to focus (this also happens in offices). In the case where the window is across from the bed, it may be draining chi out while you sleep. Drapes insulate you from these adverse affects. They will also keep the heat in, which is good feng shui symbolism for holding on to your money.

Vertical Blinds

These are best for east, south-east and south parts of the home. The vertical stripes of these blinds evoke tree energy, which is excellent for “get up and go” feelings like starting a new career, or for children’s rooms. Vertical blinds will also help a low ceiling feel taller, which is good for the overall flow of chi.

Roller Blinds

The fabric in these blinds gives them more yin energy than the plastic sometimes used for vertical blinds. Use different colors and patterns to influence how roller blinds affect the feng shui of a given room depending on its position in the bagua (the map of different kinds of energies). Roller blinds also have the nice quality of being semi-translucent, so they are a very good choice in a situation where you want to screen a bad view, but still need some natural light.


These are the equivalent of the “big guns” mentioned before. In feng shui, shutters block almost as well as a wall. They block out light better than even thick drapes. It is nice to get the kind that do open to allow for a bit of air flow. Incidentally, opening the windows of your house on nice days is a superb way to enliven the chi of the whole house. It is good to preserve that option by keeping all the windows openable.

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How to Decorate a Red Wagon For a Wedding and Not Break Your Budget

how to decorate a red wagon for a wedding and not break your budget

how to decorate a red wagon for a wedding and not break your budget

Weddings are expensive. Any ideas on keeping costs down while keeping creativity up are always welcome tools in the wedding planner’s arsenal.

For example, wedding wagons are popular these days for nuptials. Of course, a wagon isn’t something one MUST have at a wedding, but it certainly is a cute thing!

If you’ve been considering this idea, have you thought about how to decorate a red wagon for a wedding and still keep costs down?

Actually this can be very straightforward.

— Keep it simply stunning.

If you’ve chosen to use a RED wagon for your wedding, you must like the way its eye-popping color looks.

In this case, less is definitely more.

There’s no need to cover this wagon. Instead, accessorize the wheels and the handle. You can add a fancy liner (just a flat, hemmed piece of beautiful cloth will do) and let it peek up over the sides of the wedding wagon.

Edge the liner with a bit of lace you find on sale. Any lace will look lovely so stay away from the designer rack!

Attach flowers or ribbons around the wagon slats and wheels. Or use greenery for a naturally beautiful look. (Make sure nothing interferes with the action of the wheels or handle, however, for safety’s sake.)

— Create your own look.

Making your own wedding wagon skirt is a fairly simple process. If you are not a sewer, consider purchasing a basinet skirt and customizing it to fit your wagon. You can opt for a peek-a-boo fabric to let your red wagon shine through, or a more opaque fabric which will cover your colored wagon completely.

Add bits of ribbon, lace and faux flowers, as little or as much as you and your budget like.

— Use what you have.

Make use of extra fabric from the wedding party’s dresses and accessories.

If you’ve already got an old wagon, but want something newer, use paint to completely update your wedding wagon for a very small cost. (Again, make sure the wagon is sturdy and safe to use.)

Attached to the back of the wagon with a large satin bow, your engagement picture or an “Almost Married” sign is a beautiful low-cost touch.

Add white teddy bears with ribbons coordinated with your wedding colors into the wagon along with its intended contents. Borrow these bears from friends and your friends will be “participating” in your wedding!

Decorating a red wagon for your wedding need not disrupt your wedding budget. Use creativity instead of cash and think of making it personal by adding items you already have on hand.

After all, years down the road these are the things that will make your wedding photos memorable much more than the dollar amount you spent.

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The Best Rug Pad For Kilim Rugs

the best rug pad for kilim rugs

the best rug pad for kilim rugs

Every rug needs a rug pad and kilims are no exception to this rule. The nature of the weave is one in that it creates for a flat rug. As tight as the weave usually is, it is also very flexible if there is no solid pad to keep the rug in place.

Don’t waste time looking for the wrong type of pad for your kilim. Although a few types may work initially, they will not provide the stability that is required. My best choice for rug padding for kilim rugs is a 1/4 of an inch dense needle pinched jute and rubber combination. This specific type of pad does well because the surface, the recycled jute, is textured in order to grab the rug. The bottom consists of a solid, natural layer of rubber that is sewn on to the jute surface. This layer of rubber contains a tread pattern in order to grab to your floor, preventing any sliding. Be careful in selecting the rug pad that has a real rubber backing, not a sprayed on latex rubber that is quite common these days. This costs a little less yet tends to breakdown and harm the floor by the fact that the spray does not hold well enough to the jute surface.

This correct type of padding is important for kilim rugs for a few reasons. First, this pad grabs your rug. This means there will be minimal wrinkling and creeping of your rug. This also helps for vacuuming. The rug pad holds the kilim rug as best as possible allowing for easier vacuuming. Second, due to the nature of the solid rubber backing, there is no movement on hard floor surfaces. So, your kilim rug is held on to the jute surface of this rug pad and the rug pad itself is held on to the floor with the non slip rubber backing.

The best rug pad for kilim rugs is only 1/4 of an inch thick. Anything thicker would not work as well and would not look as well. The thicker ones are not usually as dense as this 1/4 of an inch thick ones and this will create room for movement with your flat rug. Aesthetically, kilim rugs have a flat look and this is their charm. Raising them too high off the floor defeats the beauty of the look and this is not so desirable.

Since kilim rugs are more tribal in nature, they are not perfectly straight and your rug pad should be trimmed about 1 or so inches in from the carpet dimensions on all sides.

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Ping Pong Table Tennis – An Idea To Arrange a Party

ping pong table tennis - an idea to arrange a party

ping pong table tennis - an idea to arrange a party

Want to have a fun and exciting party with your creative Rec Room, where your guest can interact and play? How about using your ping pong Table Top for your Tennis Themed Party!

Few ideas to make your party fun loving and well-organized –

Tennis Party Invitations:

In order to give a personal touch to your invitation, send the personalized Tennis themed invitation with your owning creativity that could make your guest more curious about the party and about the party’s theme. If you want to get creative with the party invitation, then grab a can of tennis ball and stick your invitation in the tube and send it to your guests!

Tell your guests that they must come in tennis outfits so they are ready to play Ping-Pong when they arrive. You can make the invitation an announcement that they are going to be in a tennis tournament. This will keep them guessing, but they won’t know that they will be actually playing on a Ping Pong Table.

Tennis Party Decorations:

Set up your Ping Pong Table as center court, and the “spectators” or guests can gather around to watch the game. You can even set up rows of seats around the Ping-Pong table, so you can really get that center court feel. Set up the food and beverage area as concession stand.

You can have some old tennis racquets, tennis balls, and even the tennis ball tubes as vase for decorations. Also having some yellow, green, white balloons and streamers around the room can really keep the theme going with the party.

Tennis Introduction Activity:

In order to make your guests feel like sports celebrities, you can set up a little area to have the couples get their pictures while they walk in. You can have little props such as tennis balls, tennis rackets, or tennis bags to really make them look like tennis stars. You can post those pictures on social networking sites like Facebook so as to share the fun moment with everyone once the party ended.

Tennis Food and Beverages:

Getting green tablecloths and yellow plates with white cutlery will make your party go colorful. You can use a bowl of tennis balls or the tennis ball tubes with flowers as a centerpiece of the table. Have some easy finger food that would be found at a concession stand such as chips, hot dogs, chicken wings, hamburgers, nachos, and fruit salad can me easy to prepare and stratify your guests.

For beverages keeping things light is the easiest. Of course having plenty of water bottles will be important or even a little Gatorade. But to keep party on roll, have some beer and wine on ice, it takes up less space than having a full bar. Plus don’t forget desert! Having cupcakes that look like tennis balls can be an easy treat to prepare and a great decoration for your food table.

Tennis Party Games and Activities:

When guest walk in, you should have a large tournament board set up so that all the “players” or guests are set up on the tournament board. This will help you to keep game scheduled, and the winner on track for playing on the Ping Pong Table. To keep things simple and short, you should set up a single elimination tournament bracket. Also have everyone play to 11 to speed up the games but of course you will need to win by 2 points. Then follow the normal Ping-Pong rules for playing singles for everything else for the final game. The final game you might want to play until 21 to keep the excitement on high. If you have lots of guests or you are short on time, you can have people play the doubles to make things go faster, or just have a couple’s tournament.

Tennis Party Favors

Depending on your budget, you can have a little awards ceremony to announce the winner or you can also give out other prizes such as most improved or best dressed. Having a personalized trophy for the winner with the date of the party will also make guests happy, and may be keep the tournament going for years to come!

You can use the photos as a memento for your guest as it would really be very touchy and will also make your guest happy while leaving the court or party.

Check out our Table Tennis Table Tops at for great deals and free shipping.

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Write About Home Decor for Elle Decor Magazine

write about home decor for elle decor magazine

write about home decor for elle decor magazine

Elle Decor magazine is where any article writer would want to see your name in. Not to mention that it pays well, publishing in Elle Decor is very prestigious and would be at the top of any writer’s resume. Writing about any subject related to home decor requires a good homework to be done before you come up with your article aspiring to catch the editor’s eye.

Choose the Right Topic

The homes featured in Elle Decor magazine are only the finest and the most elegant. So if you pitch an article about shabby chic or primitive decoration, the editor is unlikely to want your writing. Homes that fit Elle Decor magazine can be found in every city, but you, the writer, must figure out where. A good place to look is your city’s Christmas or spring tour of homes. Only homeowners who have great decor and are proud of it would put their home on a tour.

After you have identified a house that you think reaches Elle Decor magazine standards, check through past issues to make sure that particular house has never been profiled. Also, make sure to come up with a fresh approach. The editor will never take a story on a home’s distinctive topiary, for example, if she ran another topiary story the previous month.

Elle’s editorial board requires sophistication first, but beyond that, the magazine features styles from all over the world. Though the magazine is originally French, Elle’s home decor style is rather international.

Send Your Query

Just like with any magazine, you must find out about Elle Decor’s editorial guidelines – the magazine’s rules for submission. The guidelines will specify word count limit for each section: features, reviews and trends. Some editors require that you send relevant pictures with your submission. Reference to your previously published work is also a common requirement.

Being such a prestigious magazine, Elle Decor doesn’t highlight the right contact information and the editorial guidelines. Getting this information and sending a dazzling letter to the right person at the right time is actually part of your pitch. If you can get a piece of paper in front of the right editor – a super busy woman with plenty of secretaries to intercept bad letters – it shows you probably have the tenacity of a good writer.

If you are new to writing, starting with Elle Decor will hardly be possible because previously published articles are a must. You can write for some other magazines, get some experience along with good references, and then try to get to Elle Decor bearing in mind the above-mentioned suggestions.

write about home decor for elle decor magazine